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Services and Activities Fee

Cougar Health Services

The Cougar Health Services S&A Fee allocation maintains health promotion programs and services intended to enable students to achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. Focal areas include sexual violence prevention, mental health promotion, and substance abuse prevention. In addition to social and environmental interventions, the health promotion team collaborates across campus to support students in living safe and healthy lives for academic and lifelong success.

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Renee Coleman-Mitchell, Executive Director,


Year Allocation % Change
 2018-2019  $307,790 -11.28%
 2017-2018  $346,932 15.58%
 2016-2017  $300,156 7.37%
 2015-2016  $279,565 0.15%
 2014-2015  $279,140 -28.62%
 2013-2014  $391,075 NA