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Services and Activities Fee

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Access Center

The Access Center S&A Fee allocation provides services and education to WSU students. It allows Cougar Accessible Transportation Services (CATS) to provide transportation to students with limited mobility to class and campus activities.  The funds are also utilized to provide disability awareness programming to WSU students.  This programming creates a space for discussion and opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Meredyth Goodwin, Director,

Year Allocation % Change
 2018-2019  $83,246 13.91%
 2017-2018  $71,666 0.56%
 2016-2017  $71,265 -0.56%
 2015-2016  $71,666 0.00%
 2014-2015  $71,666 -25.39%
 2013-2014  $96,053 NA