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Services and Activities Fee

Student waving WSU flag

ASWSU Senate

The ASWSU Senate Finance Committee S&A Fee allocation facilitates the day to day operations of the ASWSU Senate including wages for senators and funds for outreach programs designed to promote engagement and community. The allocation also provides funds to support Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) through the Crimson and Gray Grant. The Senate Finance Committee reviews requests from RSOs on a weekly basis, with funding going toward conference registration or hosting programs and events that are educational in nature and contribute to the WSU community.

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Lindsay Schilperoort, ASWSU Senate Pro Tempore,


Year Allocation % Change
 2021-2022  $120,500 8.11%
 2020-2021  $111,463 -6.00%
 2019-2020  $118,575 1.32%
 2018-2019  $117,035 -13.47%
 2017-2018  $135,252 0.00%
 2016-2017  $135,252 0.00%
 2015-2016  $135,252 27.61%
 2014-2015  $105,992 5.89%
 2013-2014  $100,100 NA