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Services and Activities Fee

WSU Soccer Fans


The Athletics S&A Fee allocation is utilized to provide opportunities for students to get involved and enhance their college experience through employment, volunteering, and participation in events and student organizations associated with Athletics.  These organizations include the Spirit Squad, Crimson Girls, Cougar Marching Band, and Coug Guys and Gals.  These funds are used to provide employment to over 250 students annually.

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Matt Kleffner, Senior Associate Director and Chief Financial Officer,


Year Allocation % Change
 2018-2019  $659,848 -12.5%
 2017-2018  $754,112 0.00%
 2016-2017  $754,112 -10.00%
 2015-2016  $837,902 -22.98%
 2014-2015  $1,087,902 13.57%
 2013-2014  $957,902 NA