Cougar Accessible Transportation Services

The Cougar Accessible Transportation Services (CATS) S&A Fee allocation helps make our campus more accessible by providing transportation to students with permanent or temporary mobility impairment. With CATS, students can schedule rides Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. to on-campus facilities (restrictions apply). S&A Fee funds are used to support costs for the entire operation, including the maintenance and upkeep of vehicles and staffing. 

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Year Allocation ($ Amount in thousands) Change (%)
2019-2020 $68,824 NA
2020-2021 $76,056 10.51%
2021-2022 $75,000 -1.39%
2022-2023 $76,404 1.87%
2023-2024 $68,250 -10.67%