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Services and Activities Fee

Student Waiting for Bus


The Transit S&A Fee allocation enables Pullman Transit to provide transportation service to students throughout WSU and Pullman with 1.3 million rides last year and accounts for 86% of Pullman Transit’s passengers. The transportation service gives students options for travel after dark, inclement weather conditions, traveling with disabilities, and assists students without access to other means of transportation.

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John Shaheen, Director,


Year Allocation % Change
 2018-2019  $512,669 5%
 2017-2018  $488,256 -10.94%
 2016-2017  $548,256 13.64%
 2015-2016  $482,467 0.00%
 2014-2015  $482,467 0.00%
 2013-2014  $482,467 NA